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1463016_550445725024368_2057092682_nWell, I have to say…

What an incredibly interesting thing we at Carabito Corporation have decided to do.  Incredible because this will be our first attempt at establishing a blog! Also incredible because we know we have some things to say that will most assuredly be helpful.  And finally, incredible because I’m writing my first blog.

I guess what I want to get out of this is the satisfaction of knowing that I could possibly shed some light on the issues affecting this industry. From Manufacturing to Distribution. From Distribution to Salons and finally, from Salons to Consumers.  What exactly are the issues in this industry that people are talking about?

Well, it’s my hope we figure that out together.  For now, I’ve got to figure this “blogging thing” all out myself so that I can share what’s going on.  Stayed tuned world.  Here we go!