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Randy Hegstom, President & CEO

Randy Hegstrom, President & CEO Carabito Corporation

Welcome to Educate Your Salon; Carabito Corporation’s website for superior salon products and education! Take a minute to view our website and get to know a little bit about us and how we can help you Educate Your Salon!

Before moving to Maine, I spent a lifetime in a business that I truly enjoyed! I received a tremendous amount of fulfillment (and yes, money) helping people get what they needed, what they wanted and what worked for them! When I left corporate America for Maine, I started work in this industry with a “typical” beauty distributor. The idea was to sell you my products because they were better than the “other guys”. If you would buy my products, the answers to all your problems would be revealed! The problem was, I could never solve any of the problems people had just by switching brands. I couldn’t answer why my products were better than the “other guys”. It wasn’t long before I became disillusioned and disappointed. I also noticed that my disillusionment had a direct correlation to the disillusionment of my clients. A kind of a “no win” situation became apparent. I needed to find a link between what I had loved in the past; helping people get what THEY want and what I was currently seeing in this industry.

Carabito Corporation was born out of that necessity and was started in order to bring REAL answers to REAL problems through REAL science-based education and superior non-diverted products. Finally, the perfect synergy between education and your salon’s success! Now Carabito Corporation can help you educate your salon!

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